29 Dec

2020: A Rudderless And Agenda4 Lss World!

I love my soubnate Patricia, but she can be exasperating sometimes. She wants to camp in Tokyo... read more

Tiny Thoughts For A Bountiful Business

Ghaghar mein Sagar”, that is, “Insert the Ocean in a Pot”, counselled my wise father many years ago... read more

Little Thoughts For A Better World

“Less is More” had counselled my wonderful German Chairman, Mr. Heinz Arnold, when I was posted in Africa... read more

Slices And Spices Of Life

This book presents an assortment of stories, slices of life experiences spiced with emotional nuances, political and economic... read more

Indian Apparel Industry: Challenges And Opportunities

The Booklet provides an overview and profile of the Apparel Industry in India... read more

Surviving A Civil War

I woke up around 4.30 am to loud thudding sounds. They were bullets. I had never heard so much gunfire before. How many bullets... read more

Business Express

How do you sell products to over one billion scattered consumers in India? How do you launch mass-market products in slums and villages... read more

My Experiences In Modern Retail

This book presents a conceptual and practical framework for understanding Modern Retailing. My work and travel... read more

Conquer Rural Marketing Across Countries

Rural markets are blossoming in India and in many regions like Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East... read more

A Matter Of Faith

Hari Chand Aneja lost his parents, lands, home, office in the holocaust of India's partition in 1947. The author came as a penniless... read more

My Beautiful Journey Before And After Partition 1947

This book describes our life in a town called Tandlianwala in Punjab ... read more

26 July

Enter as tourist exit as devotee

Myanmar is putting its past behind to catch up with the modern world. Rajendra K Aneja visits ... read more

25 July

Meeting a president

Rarely do ordinary mortals like me get an opportunity to shake hands with royalty, the mighty and the powerful. But he shook hands warmly with .... read more

15 June

Brazil Where Football Is A Religion

FIFA fever is at its zenith in Brazil where it’s a religion. Rajendra K. Aneja recollects the day when Brazil ...read more

1 June

Pakistan- A voyage of discovery

The tall man strode into the hall dressed in a simple white "salwar kameez", a pair of tradational Peshawari shoes ... read more

17 May

Primier- a person of absolute integrity

Nation gets the prime ministers, presidents they deserve. It is the time to scan the prime ministers that India .... read more