Step 1: Discussions with management team and staff  
We have intensive discussions with the Management Team to ensure that we understand the key concerns and objectives of the organisation.

Step 2: Field and desk studies  
Next, we review current systems, market structure and the competitive environment. Every study comprises of desk research, field research and surveys. Field research include visits to representative sample markets and key customers. Study visits to markets, channel partners, villages and shops are a vital element in diagnosing issues and resolving them.

Step 3: Discussion of findings  
We discuss our insights and perspectives with the management team and staff to gain deeper insights, before working on the final strategy.

Step 4: Concretisation of recommendations  
The broad options are firmed up unto recommendations. Our recommendations factor the cultural context in which the organisation operates.

Step 5: Enabling execution 
We convert our recommendations into actionable steps with time schedules. We:

  • Work with client teams to fine-tune customer-service and merchandising operations.
  • Conduct pilot projects and extend the success to other regions.
  • Organise classroom and field training.
  • Establish a compliance system, conduct periodic reviews.