There are six foundations on which the distribution and sales system of an organisation is built. Weakness in any of these areas impacts productivity and achievement.

Through the Six Focus Areas approach, every aspect of the distribution and sales system is analysed in a meticulous manner. We review each focus area. Then, we synthesise our observations to generate practical recommendations to architect a cogent system and boost productivity.

Distribution System and The Role Of Channel Partners

We review the existing distribution system to ascertain its robustness to reach products to consumers and sustain growth. We also ascertain the adequacy of the infrastructure of distribution channel partners and the costs thereof.

We evolve an optimum Channel Strategy and Distribution Structure for the business to meet growth goals.

Our recommendations are supported by pilots and continued assistance in implementation to ensure that the Company establishes vigorous "Routes to Market".

Retail Coverage And Merchandising

A "Retail Servicing Strategy", is critical to ensure widespread availability of products and services to consumers. Effective distribution and sales strategies can ensure access in 80-90% of target urban and rural outlets.

An organisation needs cogent coverage norms based on an outlet census of markets. Depending on the organisation’s goals and the competitive scenario of target markets, we determine optimum coverage norms, route coverage plans and callage standards to augment sales.

In the Modern Retail sector (hypermarkets, supermarkets, self-service stores) organisations can boost sales by installing suitable replenishment mechanisms, improving merchandising and visibility and relationship building. Merchandising and displays are an integral part of the coverage of retail outlets in the Modern and Distributive Trades. We formulate customised retail strategies.

Field Force Operations, Processes And Systems

We engage closely with members of our clients’ field force who service agents, wholesalers, retailers and other distribution channel partners to understand their operations and identify measures to enhance productivity.

A Review of Field Force Operations covers:
• Optimum field force numbers and deployment
• Need and feasibility of exclusive field force streams
• Field operations, skills and productivities
• Market disciplines
• Performance appraisals and reward-incentive systems.

The review covers field force operations of the company and distribution channel partners.

Rural Marketing Strategy: Distribution And Promotions

Across the world in developing countries, rural markets are growing faster than urban markets due to improvements in living standards, improved literacy rates and percolation of electronic communications.

We review the rural segment rigorously through field-studies and research. An understanding of the usage habits of rural consumers is critical to understand their current contribution, future potential and product development. We study rural markets to gain insights into rural consumer behavior. We evolve technologies to tap the full potential of rural markets.

In our rural "Route to Market" strategy, we:
• Focus on rural brands
• Size and contribution of rural markets
• Target segments
• Study of Feeder markets
• Rural pack sizes and packaging
• Modes for servicing rural shops
• Non-traditional distribution modes
• Promotional activities and merchandising

Training And Development Needs At All Levels Of The Value Chain

We identify the training needs for sales management and field force and develop suitable programmes. Training needs are reviewed to:
• Induct new entrants effectively into the business
• Upgrade skills and knowledge levels of existing teams.

Training programmes include Induction, Selling Skills, Refresher Courses, Training to Train, Communications Skills programmes, etc. We prepare customised manuals and training material depending on the needs of an organisation. We also help to establish a 365-day Training Centre for ongoing training of sales personnel, i.e. managers and staff to encourage continuous learning.

Areas Of Cost-Rationalisation: Sales And Distribution

We undertake ‘efficiency audits’ that ensure long-term cost savings to the organisation.

We undertake value engineering of costs in the distribution chain, conduct distribution and marketing effectiveness reviews, examine budgetary controls in the organisation and benchmark with the industry. We evaluate the market efficacy of the distribution apparatus and identify areas of cost savings.